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Gilman Joslin (1804 – 1886), Joslin’s Terrestrial Globe...

Gilman Joslin (1804 – 1886), Joslin’s Terrestrial Globe...

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Gilman Joslin (1804 – 1886) 
Joslin’s Terrestrial Globe... compiled from Smith’s New English Globe with improvements by Annin and Smith, revised by G.W. Boynton. 
Boston, “Manufactured by Gilman Joslin” ca. 1860 
Diameter 12 in.; Height 20 in. 

Terrestrial table globe made up of 2 sets of 12 hand-colored engraved gores, polar calottes. The geography using Loring’s design, the Pacific plotting the tracks of all the Cook voyages, as well as Vancouver and La Perouse, with the addition of the Wilkes US Exploring Expedition 1838- 1842. Later varnish, with a few stress fractures, repaired crack along the equator. Brass half meridian circle, graduated on one face, mounted on a modern single pillar ebonized wooden stand. 

Gilman Joslin took over the globe making business of Joseph Loring around 1840, and republished Loring’s globes which had been devised by Annin and Smith of Boston. In his early versions of the Gilman/Loring, Gilman mounted these 12-inch diameter globes on tall and elegant cast metal stands. This is a later version on a regular single pillar stand, probably devised more for school use rather than to be placed in a library situation. 

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