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Charles-Francois Delamarche (1740 – 1817), Terrestrial Globe

Charles-Francois Delamarche (1740 – 1817), Terrestrial Globe

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Charles-Francois Delamarche (1740 – 1817) 
Terrestrial Globe 
Paris, 1791 
Diameter 7 in.; Height 16 in. 

The globe made up of a single set of 12 engraved globe gores, hand colored in outline with circular cartouche dated 1791. Some careful restoration along the equatorial circle with skillful manuscript replacements. Papered wooden meridian circle surmounted by dial and pointer. The globe mounted on an elegant Delamarche style stand, papered horizon and 4 quadrant supports, with ebonized baluster-turned wooden pillar and base. 

An attractive table globe, in the distinctive style of the Delamarche firm, one of the most successful late 18th century French makers of maps and globes. This is a notably fine example of their work and was published by the founder of the firm, the cartouche reading "Dresse par Delamarche Geogr. Rue due Froin St. Jacques A Paris, An. 1791." 

Delamarche was the successor of the great map and globe-making making family of Robert De Vaugondy. Delamarche was also the first French commercial globe maker to popularize the globe to a mass markets by reducing the cost of construction even while maintaining a high standard in the geography of their globes. They alleviated expenses through measures such as swapping traditional brass meridians, horizon rings and armatures for more cost effective wooden or papier-mâché ones. In addition, the firm used simpler, single-turned pedestal stands rather than the traditional European four-legged designs, which added an elegancy to the design.

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