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Georg Boeckler (active 1644-1698)

Architecturea Curiosa Nova Pars Tertia
Nuremburg: Paulus Fürst, 1664
This is a selection of engravings from Georg Boeckler's four-part Architecturea Curiosa Nova Pars Tertia. This elegant four-part work contained elaborate designs of Baroque fountains that Boeckler hoped would be consulted during the construction of public squares and private country houses in France, Germany, Great Britain and Italy. Boeckler was a German engineer, author, and architect for the city of Nuremburg. He specialized in hydraulic architecture.
In all, Architectura Curiosa Nova Pars Tertia contains 200 decorative plates. The first of its three parts focuses on illustrating the theory and application of hydrodynamics for fountains, water-jets, spray-patterns, garden fountains and well heads. These sections also showcase complex and often impractical, albeit beautiful, designs for free-standing fountains. The fourth part of Boeckler's masterwork includes designs for grottoes and garden pavillions, and also contains a number of stunning views of European palaces.
Beyond Architecturea Curiosa Nova Pars Tertia, Boeckler also achieved fame for his Theatrum Machinarum Novum, the most significant seventeenth-century work on the subjects of windmills, pumps and other hydraulic machines. First published in 1661, it was re-issued in 1662 and 1686. 

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