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The Framing Department of Arader Galleries specializes in museum quality framing that first and foremost protects the work of art and preserves the integrity of the piece itself. A wide range of period-style mouldings is available, most of which are hand-crafted in our framing studio and virtually any design can be created or replicated.

Framing is an integral part of any art acquisition. Our Framing Department strives to offer both traditional and unusual framing design to suit a particular work. Our frames have been commissioned by many of the country's leading museums, interior designers and collectors alike.

Our studio is comprised of a team of highly skilled artisans and craftsmen. All of the work including staining, matting and fitting is done by hand and each piece is handled with exceptional care and great attention to detail.

Please contact our Gallery regarding quotes for framing. We would be delighted to make suggestions on the proper framing of any work of art. Costs vary depending on selected moulding, glazing material and matting.

Tel: 215-735-8811
Fax: 215-735-9864