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Plano del puerto de la Ysla de Roatán . . . [Map of the Port of Ysla de Roatán]

Plano del puerto de la Ysla de Roatán . . . [Map of the Port of Ysla de Roatán]

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Plano del puerto de la Ysla de Roatán cituado en la parte del S. y E. de ella, el centro de esta ysla se halla en la latd. N. 16⁰24ʹ y en longd. 289⁰6ʹ, merido. de Tenerife, siendo su extención de 14 legs. havitada por los Basallos de S.M.B. y fue vendida por las Armas de S.M.C. al mando del Mariscal de Campo y Capitan Genl. de la Provinica de Goatemala Dn. Mathias de Galves en 17 de marzo de 1782. [Map of the Port of Ysla de Roatán]
Manuscript Map
c. 1782
Pen & Ink with Wash Color
Paper size: 15 1/4 x 19 3/4 in.

The conflict known as the Battle of Roatán occurred on March 16, 1782, pitting British and Spanish forces against each other in a struggle for control over Roatán, a Caribbean island situated near the coast of Honduras.

Led by Matías de Gálvez, the captain general of the Royal Audience of Guatemala, a Spanish expeditionary force seized command of the British-held island by bombarding its primary defenses. Surrender came from the British garrison on the following day. Subsequently, the Spaniards evacuated 135 civilians, 300 slaves, and the captured soldiers, while obliterating the settlement they claimed had been a hub for piracy and corsair activity.

This assault formed a segment of Gálvez's overarching strategy to eliminate British influence in Central America. Despite achieving temporary victories, the British managed to uphold their colonial presence in the region.



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