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Louis Benton Akin (1868-1913), El Tovar, Grand Canyon

Louis Benton Akin (1868-1913), El Tovar, Grand Canyon

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Louis Benton Akin (1868-1913)
El Tovar, Grand Canyon
Sheet size:16 1/2 x 35”
Framed size: 28 x 47”

Louis Akin, originally from Oregon studied with William Merritt Chase in New York City and was sent to Arizona by the Santa Fe Railroad in 1903 to paint the Hopi Indians.

Akin remained with the Hopi for eighteen months and later, in 1906, published an article sympathetic to their conflicts with the Anglo world, which had intruded into their civilization with the coming of the railroad. The same year he returned to Arizona hoping to establish a colony of artists devoted to the Hopi; he settled in Flagstaff for the last seven years of his life.

Akin's early work focuses primarily in Hopi life, but after his return from the West, he began painting glorious landscape- soaring mountains, immense canyons and spectacular rock formations. His most spectacular work is the view of "El Tovar," complete with the glorious Grand Canyon in the background.

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