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John MacWhirter R.A. (1837-1911), Salt Lake City

John MacWhirter R.A. (1837-1911), Salt Lake City

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John MacWhirter R.A. (1837-1911)
Salt Lake City
c. 1878
Watercolor, pencil, and gouache on paper
Sheet size: 6 3/4 x 10 3/8 inches
Framed size: 14 x 17 3/4 inches


In 1877 Scottish artist John MacWhirter traveled to America and visited Salt Lake City on his way to San Francisco. When he returned to his homeland Scotland in 1878, he exhibited a painting called Salt Lake City Utah at the Scottish Academy in the annual exhibition of that same year.

John was one of four children. After attending school in Colinton,, he apprenticed at Oliver & Boyd, booksellers in Edinburgh, Scotland. Later he enrolled at the Trustees Academy and spent long periods sketching and studying nature. His first painting to be exhibited at the Royal Scottish Academy at age 14, was 'Old Cottage at Braid'. In 1880, he was made an Honorary Member of the Royal Scottish Academy. Travelling, exploring and painting abroad took him to Italy, Sicily, Switzerland, Austria, Turkey, Norway and the United States.

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