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Henry Mouzon (d.1777), An Accurate Map of North and South Carolina

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Henry Mouzon (d.1777)
 An Accurate Map of North and South Carolina, with their Indian Frontiers, Shewing in a distinct manner all the Mountains, Rivers, Swamps, Marshes, Bays, Creeks, Harbours, Sandbanks and Soundings on the Coasts, with the Roads and Indian Paths as well as the Boundary or Provincial Lines, the Several Townships and other divisions of the land in both the Provinces; the whole from Actual Surveys by Henry Mouzon and others.
Published: London: R. Sayer & J. Bennet, May 30th, 1775 
Copper-engraved map, engraved by Samuel Turner Sparrow, on four sheets of two joined pairs. 
Frame size: each, 28 1/4 x 62 3/4" 
A monumental work, one of the finest and most important maps of the Carolinas, which "appeared on the eve of the American Revolution, and its up-to-date geography made it the most widely consulted map of the area used in the war effort" (Degrees of Latitude, p.209). 
Arguably, the most handsome map of the Carolinas ever made, very finely engraved with inset maps of Charleston Harbor and Port Royal Harbor in the lower left, the map is so detailed and geographically advanced that it remained the seminal map of the Carolinas for the following two generations. Its appearance in the days leading up to the American Revolution ensured that it was the primary map used by field commanders on both sides as the dramatic events of the conflict unfolded in the Carolinas. This is demonstrated by the fact that the very copies used by three of the most important commanders are today preserved in libraries. George Washington's copy, folded and mounted on cloth, resides in the collection of Yale University. The French commander, the Comte de Rochambeau's copy in the Library of Congress; and British commander, Sir Henry Clinton's copy is housed in the William L. Clements Library at the University of Michigan.

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