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Elizabeth Twining (British, 1805-1889), and Other Contributors, Album of Original Watercolors and Sketches

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Elizabeth Twining (British, 1805-1889), and Other Contributors
Album of Original Watercolors and Sketches
Published by 1838-1841, 1841

4to., (11 2/8 x 9 in). 30 original watercolor drawings of flowers and fruit identified as being by Elizabeth Twining, 2 family portraits by her, one signed by Jane Twining, and one by A. Twining, 2 signed by Julia Boyd (her niece?), and 18 further watercolor drawings or sketches of flowers and views by unknown artists. Tipped into later half black morocco, gilt, marbled paper boards album.

Provenance: By descent from the artist to the Boyd family. The family portraits are identified as William Brewster Twining, and Charles Twining, sons of George Twining (Elizabeth’s nephew), “My maternal Grandfather, WB” one on paper watermarked 1834. The portraits of plants by Elizabeth Twining are: Cypryipedium calceolus, Arnecliffe 1838; Epipactis palustris, Arnecliffe: Italy. 1838; Epipactis; Epipactis latipolia; Ophrys muscifera. June 1841; Posey of spring flowers; Saxifraga granulata, Arnecliffe Churchyard May 1841; Saxifraga tridactylites, May 1841; Saxifraga hypnoides, 1841; Saxifraga umbrosa, Hesleden Gill; Geranium robertianum and Cistus helianthemum, 1839; Geranium pratense; Geranium sanguineum, Arncliffe 1839; Polemonium caeruleu, 1839; Convallaria polygonatum, 1841; Trollus europaeus, 1841; Vaccinum myrtillus, 1841; Menyanthes trifoliata; Primula farinosa; Cistus helianthemum; Colchicum autumnale, Arncliffe 1839; Rubus chamaemorus, 1841; Dryas octopetala, 1839; Parnassia palustris, Arnecliffe 1839; Pinguicula vulgaris; Galeopsis vericolor, August 1839; Butonius umbellatus, June 1846; Pyrola media, 1846; Campanula latifolia (folding, spotted); Geranium pratense, Arnecliffe July 1839; Apple “Grown at Sheen”, 1841.

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